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Some companies we have worked with
Is Your Marketing Having An Impact?


Consumers are busier than ever. They work late, commute further, have to look after their family, get to the gym and in between this try and see their friends and maintain relationships. So when it comes time to shop and make a choice between brands, decisions are often made with very little consideration.

On top of that, the market is becoming ever competitive, with more brands than ever for people to choose from. You may have a great product, but are you offering it in a way that is resonating with consumers?
maximising impact of limited budgets
As marketers we're tasked with delivering maximum return on the budget we are allocated. And the budgets we are given have become increasingly tight and require a great deal of talent to stretch them to meet our performance targets.

To truly be successful, we must not only be skilled as a marketer, but we must also intimately know our brand and the competitive environment we operate in.

If asked, any marketer should be able to answer some simple questions about their brand, such as:
 Who is your target audience and how do they perceive your brand?
 What sets your brand apart from your competitors?
 How loyal are your customers and would they recommend your brand?
 Are consumers seeing your advertising?
BUT... Do you have data to support your answers to these questions, or are your answers based purely on assumptions?
The Most Successful marketers test everything!
Great marketers base their decisions on data. They ask questions and they talk directly to their customers and the broader market to find the answers. They acknowledge the power of customer experience and seek to optimise this experience through a greater understanding of the market.

One of the best methods for gathering this data is through brand tracking. Brand tracking is a means of continuously monitoring the health of your brand over time and understanding what your target audience thinks of your brand. This is generally done by intermittently surveying a sample of your target market (e.g. annually, quarterly or monthly) to monitor a range of key brand metrics including:

  • Brand Awareness - Discovering consumers familiarity with your brand
  • Brand Associations - Understanding how consumers perceive your brand
  • Brand Preference - Measuring which brands consumers have purchased previously, as well as brands they would consider purchasing from in the future
  • Brand Loyalty - Assessing favourite brands, likelihood to repurchase from a brand and propensity to recommend brands to others - a measure that has been shown to correlate with sales
  • And So Much More...
Without brand tracking there is no way to really know if your marketing efforts have been successful. You may not become aware of your performance until problems start occuring.

Gathering Data - The 'Brand Health' Way
At Brand Health, we have established ourselves as master practitioners of brand research. We have experienced the evolution of market research over the last 20 years, from paper based and telephone surveys through to the advent of online research and now implementing the latest cutting edge technologies. We have optimised the brand research approach to offer a slick, no fuss and no headache approach for our client partners.

We have conducted brand tracking research for companies ranging from huge global behemoth's through to small to mid sized brands trying to establish themselves in the market. We understand that every brand has different needs and we will build out your brand research program to deliver the data you most need within your available budget.  

All of the data we collect for our clients is delivered in simple, easy-to-read reports that clearly explain all of the metrics we measure. You won't need to be an experienced market researcher or data scientist to decode the insights.

Because we love talking to different brands and listening to the challenges they face, we are currently offering a FREE 30 Minute Research Strategy Session - to help set you on the right path and ensure you are gathering the data you need. 

In the world of brand research there are many different approaches you can take, both quantitative and qualitative. We believe it is critical that the research approach taken syncs seamlessly with your brands information needs and will happily point you toward to the right consultant or agency (even our competitors), if we feel they are better placed to serve you. After all, we have been operating in the market research industry for decades and know experts in every research niche.
how we work with you
If brand research sounds like a confusing or an intimidating undertaking, don't worry. We are here to make the entire process straight forward and stress-free.
Step 1 - Book a Meeting
Let's discuss your brand, the challenges you face and the best research approach to get you the insights you need
Step 2 - Brand Discovery
We'll walk you through a discovery session, where together we'll dig deep on your brand, competitive environment and look through the eyes of the consumer to understand how they see your world
Step 3 - Research Process
Leave it to us, we'll take what we have learned and build the research program, find REAL people in your target market to speak to and then analyse your data
Step 4 - Insights
We'll deliver a comprehensive, highly visual and intuitive report. We design our reports for everyone, no need for a researcher to decode the insight.
Our Quality guarantee
  • Our team will be in touch with you throughout the process
  • We'll review the information you provide us about your brand and collaborate with you to achieve the best result
  • We will investigate your target audience and make recommendations to survey them cost effectively
  • We promise a report that is ready to distribute to your team, you won't need a researcher to decode it
CASE STUDY - How We helped Champion

Creating a NEW Marketing Strategy, based on data


An internationally known company, Champion had experienced long term success selling comfortable, durable sportswear. However many new brands had entered the market in recent years and whilst it was apparent they were losing ground, the reasons were unclear.

When their marketing managing came to Brand Health, they had plenty of assumptions about their brand and the market, but no data to back this up. It was clear they needed research to better understand the market and to help guide their decision making and marketing strategy.

We got to work investigating their assumptions by applying our brand research framework that analysed their core market metrics, as well as conducting a deep dive on the competitive landscape.

By speaking to a representative sample of consumers in their target market, as well as some of their own customers, we were able to uncover exactly how their brand was positioned in the sportswear industry. The research was able to show which areas of their marketing strategy had been successful, but more importantly where key issues lay that needed immediate resolution.


As an example, we determined that for Champion, there was no fundamental problem in the brands' DNA. There was, however, a shortfall in awareness: less than 50% of the market knew that it existed, and only 8% could recall having ever seen or heard their advertising.

We also helped them discover key differentiators from their key competitors, and identified a great opportunity to fine tune their positioning to focus more on their customers' needs.



We speak directly to people in your target market to understand awareness of your brand and advertising, how people think and feel about your brand, how you compare and differentiate against your competitors and how satisfied your customers are.

Specifically, we measure:

  • Unaided Brand Awareness: First brands consumers think of, no prompting
  • Aided Brand Awareness: Brands consumers recognise when show a list
  • Brand Communication: Where consumers have heard or seen your brand advertised (e.g. television, social media)
  • Brand Attributes: Key attributes consumers associate with your brand
  • Brand Perception: Positive or negative changes in perception of your brand
  • Brand Purchased: Which brands have consumers been purchasing
  • Purchase Frequency: How often are consumers buying your brand
  • Purchase Intent: Are consumers likely to buy your brand in the future
  • Brand Loyalty: Do consumers only purchase your brand, or are you part of a larger competitive set
  • Competitor Comparison: How do you compare to your competitors on a set of key metrics relevant to your industry
  • ​Net Promoter Score: Are consumers likely to recommend your brand
If you want to understand the impact of your marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, it is critical that you conduct periodic tests to track your brand over time.

Bi-Annual tracking - A great option for testing the impact of new marketing campaigns. Conduct a baseline test prior to the launch of a new campaign and another at the end of the campaign to measure uplift on key brand metrics.

Quarterly tracking - Necessary for brands that run seasonal marketing campaigns. We find this is the most popular testing frequency amongst our clients.

Monthly tracking - Critical for larger brands that conduct on-going marketing campaigns, or who want to measure the impact of competitors marketing campaigns on a regular basis.
* All prices listed exclude GST. 10% GST will be added to all invoices.

We Offer Additional Services, Including:
- ADD Additional Custom Questions Specific To Your Brand
- Increase or Decrease The Audience Size To Meet Your Needs
- Custom analysis and Audience Segmentation Available
what Do our clients Say?
Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about their experience working with Brand Health
Mary K - Insights Manager (FMCG)
Verified Purchase
Our previous brand tracker was an overload of complicated information and I had to spend hours each quarter cutting back and re-writing content before I could distribute to my team.

Brand Health reports step a new user through how to interpret the results, rather than just being a data dump with a comment on the key outtake.

Would highly recommend!
Angela Hutchinson - Marketing Manager (Bestway Corp)
Verified Purchase
Working with Tom at Brand Health was a straight forward, seamless experience that simplified the often complex nature of brand studies. 

Results were delivered quickly and concisely, allowing us to move forward utilising the insights that Tom's team were able to generate for our brand and those of our competitors.
Zoe A - Marketing Manager (Retail)
Verified Purchase
Coming into a new role in a new company I was faced with a small marketing budget and a marketing strategy, based on assumptions, that had been in place for years.

For an organisation that had not previously undertaken research, Brand Health's approach was a breath of fresh air. They kept things simple for us and cost effectively delivered the information we needed to finally make informed decisions for the future.
I have an existing brand tracker, can I transfer this program to Brand Health?
Absolutely! We can set up a custom program that mimics your existing brand tracker. Best of all, we have the systems in place to manage your tracker cost effectively and you will most likely experience a significant saving when using Brand Health.
Do you conduct brand tracking outside of Australia?
Yes we do. Our team has experience setting up and running brand tracking projects across multiple countries and in multiple languages. The largest tracking project we have run included 21 countries and 17 languages!
Where do you find consumers to research in my target market? 
We have relationships with the worlds top consumers research panels, which each have access to 100's of thousands of consumers, happy to answer questions about themselves and their shopping habits. We buy in bulk from these panels and pass the significant savings onto our clients.   
Do you conduct social media monitoring?
Whilst we do measure whether consumers have heard about your brand through social media, we don't specifically monitor social media channels for mentions of your brand or products. However we can recommend some great tools for you to use.
Have other questions? We're here to help.
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